Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Small and reddish-brown in color, bed bugs are tiny bugs that bite exposed areas of the skin of human host, most commonly when the host is asleep. Bed bugs inject a numbing venom into their victim that allows them to enjoy their blood feast until full. The bug is usually long gone once the intense itch left behind is experienced. Bed bugs rapidly multiply, can hide without a meal for up to one year, and are a huge nuisance for anyone. But, do not go to the home improvement store and grab a product to treat bed bugs. These products are fairly expensive and oftentimes miserably fail at working. You need professional Bed Bug Removal Connecticut if you suspect these parasites have invaded your home.

Bed Bug Removal Connecticut

Determining that there is a problem with bed bugs is never easy. The bites they leave oftentimes resemble that of a mosquito or other insect. The easiest way to determine if it is a bed bug that has bitten you is the itch that is left behind (even still, not everyone experiences an allergic reaction so the itch may not be as intense), examine the bite pattern and the time when you are being bitten. A bed bug will usually bite in clusters and likes hands, arms, neck, face, and feet.  A professional can determine if bed bugs are the culprit once the call is made.

An array of bed bug treatment options are out there and most people affected by the critters use several of them together to rid their home of them. When you call a professional bed bug exterminator, they’ll discuss all of the treatment options available to you, including pesticides, bed protectors, detectors, and more. Although it might cost a bit more to combine treatment options, it’s well-worth the money when bed bugs are no longer of concern.