What you need to know about towels

We spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on clothing.  In fact, most of us spend about 3.8% of our income on clothes.   It can take hours to find the perfect pair of jeans.  However, bath linens are often ignored.  They surround our bodies and should be of the best quality to ensure our skin thanks us after.

When using inferior fabric, there is a need to twist the yarn multiple times to make them strong enough to use.  However, with certain fabrics like Egyption cotton there is no twisting involved.  This is called zero twist.

Why is zero twist good?

When you use great materials, and don’t twist them, the towels are much softer than the regular towel.  It also means that the yarn is less dense and gives a light-as-a-feather feel to the towels.  They also do not hold water so you can avoid the discomfort of having to use a waterlogged towel to dry off. 

Zero twist towels are also extremely warm, which is a great comfort in the winter morning when you slowly creep out of bed to take a shower.

What is the best size?

bath linens

Towels come in different sizes depending on use.  There are standard bath sizes that 27in x 52in.  These are usually good for drying your body off.  However, there is something larger that is better for wrapping your body in.  This is called a bath sheet and is typically 35in x 60in.  Of course there are other options like a hand towel and washcloth.

What is the proper way to wash a towel?

Another key to great towels is how they are washed.  Properly washing a towel and improve its absorbency, color, and make it last longer.  When first purchasing a towel, wash it before use.  It may be tempting to put fabric softener into the load because it softens fabric… right?  Well, with towels that actually can make them stiffer. 

So go and get yourself a towel that transforms your bathroom into a spa.